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Should Today's education be relevant to tomorrow's jobmarket?

            My opinion on this issue is that I agree that education should be relevant to tomorrow’s job market. First of all, this type of teaching keeps students motivated and inspires them to continue with their education after high school. For example, when I was in high school many students would often wonder and ask why we needed to learn math or history. They did not see any use to learning these subjects. The teachers would simply.
             respond that we needed to learn these things, if for anything else, simply to graduate. This response was not motivating to us in any sense. On the other hand, if the teachers would have shown us the several career paths these subjects were tied into, we would have seen the point to such classes and felt a lot more motivated to.
             continue learning. Perhaps a lot more of my classmates would have continued their education rather than work at the local McDonald’s or Wal-Mart. Also, by linking school and work, students are able to explore at an early age the never-ending possible careers that they can pursue. This is a great advantage in that students will have a head-start in life. They will not have to.
             waste their time after they graduate wondering around not knowing what to do with their lives. By the time they graduate, they will be more than prepared. They will be ready for what lies ahead. By this time, they will have evaluated all the possible paths and chosen the best one for them. On the other hand, if by this time they still have not made a decision as to which career path to take, they will still be in the lead in today’s society. They will have acquired the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision.