The Effect of Modernism on Ame

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The Effect of Modernism on American Society

After World War I, American literature seemed to sway towards a distinctively pessimistic view of society. Out of the ashes of industrialism rose a significant form of literature called "modernism . Modernism broke free from outdated romanticized morality and rejected nineteenth-century optimism. The modernist presented society to the idea that their culture was in disarray, which created a sense of apathy and apparent moral questioning. Modernism is a form of literature that forms a bond between the author and the reader. This bond tends to cause the reader to question their inbred beliefs and perhaps even ponder the thought that there are other answers to life questions then what one was taught to believe, perhaps even asks the reader to step beyond society's traditional boundaries. The elements that are found within the modernistic writing are really what defines it. These characteristics are the presence of existentialism, alienation, complex play with form or language, and juxtaposition. Modernism was an attempt to cause society to break into something new and discard old beliefs that would no longer be useful to them through the use of these elements.

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