self awareness

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I am a person who responds to things very quickly and confidently. I do things which I feel are right for me, but I take suggestions from all the people around me. For me life is all about loving everyone and being thoughtful.

I love interacting with people and making new friends, according to me respect is the best gift you can give to anyone and my optimistic attitude helps me in thinking optimistic.

I am not an introvert sort of a person so I get mingled up with people easily and all my friends think that I am a happy go lucky person.

I am a sporty kind of a person and love playing basketball and also love watching cricket. I don't like over reacting. I love to be around in the company of those people where I feel free and not restricted to do things.

I am a person filled with energy, I don't leave anything for tomorrow which can be done today though I love sleeping, still my parents think am a lazy person.

I just hate it when I am compared with someone. This usually my parents do when they want to say that the other person could get better marks than you or something. The other person might not have that one quality that I might have.

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