Money is Everything in Life ?

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In this Composition I intend to support two different ideas, money being everthing and

money being important but not everything. It is Normal to think that money is not

everything in life, although in the world we live in your not going to accomplish anything

or get anywhere or even live a life that is considered normal to the world without money.

So to many money is everything in the world. Even though you can not buy love or

happiness you are very unlikely to find either if your living under a bridge.

Money has been around for as long as anyone living today has been around and much

longer. We rely on money, if all the money in the world disappeared tomorrow the world

as we know it would collapse. Everything is connected to money in some way.

Everything essentially has a price tag on it if your pocket is fat enough. This is what

makes money extremely appealing. If you have one thousand dollars in you

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