Consumer Rights

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Businesses have never denied the fact that consumers have rights. However, that has not stopped businesses from attempting to cheat consumers on their rights. Many consumers know their basic rights, but often the rights they do not know about are the ones that businesses deny. Therefore, the fact that consumers need educate themselves is essential if they are to prevent any further mistreatment. After all, people do have the right to consumer education (Antony 115). Three areas where consumers have yet to receive full rights are banking, service and healthcare.

First, almost everyone in the nation belongs to a bank. However, few know the rights they have and even fewer know the rights that banks deny them. Some creditors use the process of credit scoring to decide whether to give a loan or credit card (Alexander 1). The credit scoring system awards points for each factor, involving the consumer's past credit history, the creditor finds important (Alexander 1). Creditors grant credit to the consumers with the most points because the points help figure out whom will have the best chances to pay back the debt (Alexander 1). The California Bankers Association rejected the Credit-score Access Bill (Showl

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