Creationism vs. Evolution

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One of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the world is, "Where did humans come from?  This should be an interesting point of discussion because, who wouldn't want to know how humans were created. I was introduced to this question early in my life. As I was raised I was told of an all-powerful god that created the universe, earth, and all its inhabitants. When I went to school I was exposed to the ideas of the "big bang theory  and evolution. With all these possibilities whirling through my mind, I decided to try and find the answer; were humans created from sticks and mud, or are we just sophisticated monkeys? I know with this topic in discussion, I could offend some of my readers. While writing this paper I will try and be as unbiased as possible and state negative and positive ideas of both theories. I will explore both issues with an open mind. Hopefully after this assignment I will find an answer for this problem. Then my mind will finally will have a chance to rest on this dilemma.

As I entered this assignment I figured that it would be quite easy finding many sources of information to help me as I create my draft. I first logged on to the internet and went to the ask jeeves website (http://www.a

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