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            In the poem, Beowulf, translated by Charles W.
             depicts Beowulf as a heroic figure who’s skill and courage enable him to .
             defeat monsters. The poem begins with Scyld Shefing who was the first .
             great king of the Danes. He was known for his ability to conquer enemies. .
             Scyld was the great-grandfather of Hrothgar. Hrothgar was the king of the .
             Danes during the events of Beowulf. Hrothgar was a good king and wished to .
             celebrate his reign by building a grand hall called Heorot. When the hall was .
             finished Hrothgar hold a large feast. This feast caused the attention of the .
             monster Grendel. Grendel decided to attack during the night. In the .
             morning, Hrothgar and the people saw the bloodshed and mourn of the lost .
             warriors. This began Grendel's attack upon the Danes. Twelve years pass and .
             eventually the news of Grendel's invasion on the Danes reached the Geats. .
             Beowulf a Geat warrior decided to help the Danes. .
             Beowulf arrived in Dane and acted as if he was better than anyone .
             else. Beowulf announced himself as the thane of Hygelac and the son of .
             Ecgtheow. Ecgtheow was a man known for winning battles. Once at .
             Hrothgar's throne, Beowulf introduced himself as a hero who can crush .
             water sprites, among other things. Beowulf showed this confidence in great .
             detail: .
             “They had in remembrance my courage and might. Many have seen me .
             come safe from the conflict, Bloody from battle: five foes I bound of the .
             giant kindred, and crushed their clan.”(321-324).
             Therefore he is equipped to defeat Grendel. The Geats met with the Danes .
             for a feast. During the feast, Hrothgar's thane Unferth tried to lower .
             Beowulf. He said Beowulf lost a swimming contest with Breca. Beowulf .
             defended himself:.
             “I count it true that I had more courage, More strength in swimming .
             than any other man.”(408-409).
             Beowulf said that not only did he defeat Breca but said to also have fought .
             off heaps of sea-monsters.
             Beowulf proved himself to be a good warrior by being able to fight .