Egyptian Gods

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The Gods: The bases of Their Civilization

Acienct Egypt was one of the most known historical civilization. Its whole civilization was based on their God's. Gods were one of the biggest aspect in the Ancient Egyptian culture. There was on main God that the Egyptians can be related to, Ra/re, the God of the sun and the creator of the earth. One important myth in the Egyptian culture that is well known today, this myth is the Myth of Osiris and Seth. The Gods in this story play an important role in the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.

The Ancient Egyptians believed in one God, Ra/re, the God of the sun. According to the Heliopolitan cosmology, Re created himself from a mound that arose from the primeval waters of Nun or out of a primordial lotus flower. He then created Shu (air) and Tefnut (moisture), who in turn created the earth-god Geb and the sky-goddess Nut. Re was said to have created humankind from his own tears. It was said that Re traveled each day in his solar fortress through the sky, starting in the morning. At night, Re journeyed through the underworld in another fortress. And each night, the monster Apep would try to prevent the sun god from emerging again; the eternal battle between light and darkness. The G

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