My Trip To The Museum

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My visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science was an opportunity to discover and experience the wonders of science and nature. The spectacular exhibits from all over the world offers a remarkable insight, from the era of dinosaurs to the era of space exploration. When entering the museum, one learns important concepts that derive from Geology, Chemistry, Physics and History.

First of all, I decided to take my children and family to the Museum. We saw all the exhibitions of the dinosaurs from the era Paleozoic ages (145-165) million years ago to recent. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the largest carnivorous and confined to late Cretaceous animals of North America. the Dipocus weak jaws and teeth indicate that it was probably vegetarian. The animal was 78ft long and 12ft height (10-15) tons. we also saw a diversity of fossils from Amphibians, reptiles from each era. There are amazing graphs that explain in detail the origin, ages and name of each animal. the Mazon creek area is known for one of the rare fossil localities in the world in which soft bodies have been preserved of plants and animals. Second, we went to the Energy Hall, where I learned that in the oceans energy laden microorganism mixed with river bone sediments a

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