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             The author claims that people attitude are determined by how one reacts to an
             immediate situation also surrounding in which one is living. I agree with the
             the claim because what matters is how is one recting to a pragmatic situation because
             As said above it is not important that what are the inherent characterstics of a
             being but what is important is how he applies his knowlwdge whem it comes the
             need of it. Say for example there is a patient of accute cardiac arrest. And we
             have two doctors one is more qualified and the other more experienced. But when
             both arrive at the emergency the one who is new becomes nervous seeing a moribund
             patient and the experienced one saves life by simply giving the appropriate
             treatment which he has given before also. So we can see who had better attitude.
             So it is not the inherent quality but our response to the pragmatic situation
             which matters. Similarly when I gave my engineering entrance I observed that
             many students did better than those who had better preparation. This is temperament
             or attitude which is also put to test in the case of urgent situation. I feel
             this is the real test of ones attitude. In a cricket match when sometimes a not so
             known batsman hits a six on the last ball of match bowled by a known baller and
             wins the match for his country. It shows his attitude. Not all the people are
             equally successful. Those who handle the situations of life better rise higher.
             Another factor which is important is our surrounding. Surrounding mainly features
             the people who surround us, our work culture etc. It has been observed when
             somebody given the company of better people he tends to improve and vice versa .
             I except the case the one is not obdurate. I feel this is a tendency of a human
             being that it tries to copy the people around who he thinks are better than him.
             So in the way he gets better. In the above example of two doc

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