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Human Attitudes

            Throughout our life we meet lot of people showing different attitudes towards others. Some are self centered and narcissist. They don't care about others and are indifferent and insensitive to the wants and needs of others. Conversely, there are group of people who are compassionate, caring and their behavior is good towards others. Another kind of people is diplomatic and nobody can understand them. Human behavior affects the lives of others in different ways. People who have indifferent and non compassionate behavior, the other hand those who are compassionate and caring, and those who are diplomatic, effects the lives of others in the society. Non compassionate people don't even feel repentance over their attitude and in reverse those who are caring have to suffer themselves sometimes.
             In our society, some people are very insensitive and indifferent towards others. Whenever, somebody needs their help, instead of helping him they become rude and give cold shoulder to him. If we take glimpse of history, it would be revealed to us that always in the past the foundation of good societies is good ethics. So as a result we find out that ethics are building blocks of every society. Why some people only care about themselves and remain indifferent and insensitive to others? Every religion in the world teaches its believers to be compassionate and caring towards the needs and wants of others. It's a personal experience that I met a boy in my neighborhood which is neglected, not only by society but also by his own family. Everybody criticized him instead of helping him. He needs help of his brothers, sisters and parents but nobody cares about his emotional and economical wants and he has to suffer himself alone against every odd. So the result is that his sufferance reaches to its peak and he died due to the indifference and insensitiveness of people. The only thought which comes across my mind is that why people behave like this? In my view point man can't be satisfied without giving something to somebody.

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