Little Women (Jo March)

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Little Women is the story of four girls that were growing up during the American Civil War. Each of the girls, all sisters, has different personality traits and characteristics that are developed throughout the book. Meg, the oldest, is the sensible sister, while Jo is tomboyish and independent. Beth is musical and shy and finally, Amy, the youngest, is the most materialistic of the four. The girls grew up in a very close family and strived to support each other in their dreams. Throughout the book, the girls' love for each other is strong, as they face the different challenges and joys of growing up.

Jo March finds the restrictions of being a woman in her time almost unbearable. She is a feminist who wants to dress like a boy, to have the freedom that men do, and to think for herself.

Even though Jo, as a woman, has talents and abilities and is more than a person that must be trained to be a wife and mother, she is convinced (by society) that only men have the freedom to decide what they become in their adulthood. Jo believes this because throughout much of the history of Western civilization, deep-rooted cultural beliefs allow women only limited roles in society. Many people believed that women's natural roles were as moth

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