The American Red Cross

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The American Red Cross is an organization which has been helping people for many years. They take donations and put them toward helping people in times of need. They are a valued institution in the US. This paper will discuss the causes and effects of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross started in Geneva Switzerland. It provided nonpartisan care to wounded and sick starting in 1863. Clara Barton started a branch of the Red Cross in the US in 1881. It is called the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross takes donations and uses them to help the victims of disasters, wars and other times of need. The American Red Cross now responds to about 63,000 disasters every year. The American Red Cross has some paid employees as well as many volunteers. (American Red Cross).

Clara Barton nursed her brother when he became ill. The doctors said that David had too much "bad blood  in him. Back then doctors gave a thing called leech treatment. It required letting leeches suck out blood from somebody's body. Clara gave her brother all of his medicines and performed the leech treatment. It is said that Barton saved her brother David by providing him constant attention during his illness. (Hamilton). Others sa

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