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The Debate Of School Uniforms

            The idea of uniforms being mandatory in public schools has became a popular topic among.
             school boards as well as parents and students all over the United States. There have been.
             quite a few public schools who have started the enforcement of school uniforms as an.
             experiment. It is believed that if students were made to wear uniforms the crime and.
             discipline in public schools would decrease. The truth is there are no hard facts to confirm.
             those allegations. For that reason, uniforms should not be mandatory in the public school.
             systems. Some arguments against the enforcement of school uniforms are that uniforms.
             are just an extreme measure of the school’s dress codes, whether or not school violence.
             would lessen if student were made to wear uniforms, and that uniforms take away a child’s.
             First Amendment rights.
             The idea of school uniforms has comes from the dress code regulations of the.
             schools. Each school has their own rules and regulations, and in every school there are.
             students who break or disobey them. A school’s dress code is commonly broken so the.
             administration is constantly having to deal with dress code problems. Uniforms would.
             eliminate a lot of that; however, there would be some who would wear the uniform wrong.
             and be right back where they started. Kids have always followed the newest fads and.
             trend in fashion. It is one way that they can be unique, creative, and trendy. Taking that.
             away from child should be a crime not wearing baggy pants or not tucking in their shirt.
             Uniforms in public schools is a good concept, but is just a small solution to a very.
             large problem. There have been many horrible occurrences in schools recently. These.
             incidents were serious crimes which included robberies, vandalism, rapes, stabbing,.
             bombings, shootings, and even cold blooded murders. These crimes were committed by.
             students with problems a lot larger than what they were going to wear to school.