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Woman For President?

            According to society, men are supposed to be the leaders, the “bread winners”, and the more dominating gender. The women are supposed to be tender and loving mothers and wives, they should not advance very far in a career. It is considered the social norm for these kinds of inequalities to exist. Therefor, if a woman were to act against her gender role and do something radical, in society she would be labeled as a deviant. Imagine this, a woman is running for, and winning the position of, presidency. This would be something many people, mainly men, would find unacceptable and ludicrous. What would be the results from this woman being deviant?.
             It would be very hard for a woman to become president because many men and possibly some women too, believe that it is not a woman’s place to be a leader, especially not a leader of a powerful country. She would not be following her gender roles. But, if a woman were to become president, she would be making a major breakthrough in gender equality. Her husband would also be labeled as deviant because he too would be going against the social norms, but with his wife being in such a high leadership position some of the social norms would be changed. It would definitely not be deviant for a woman to run for president anymore. A good real-life example of this is when Jackie Robinson played in the professional baseball league and broke down many barriers for blacks in sports. A positive effect of a woman being deviant and running for president is that social norms would be changed and there would possibly be less gender inequality.
             A woman might choose to spend government money on helping to better the education system or saving the rainforests or cutting down on poverty, where as a man in her position might choose to spend the money elsewhere. Now this might be a huge generalization that is way off, but the point is that women tend to rely on emotions more than men do.