Good Brother?

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Good Brother?

In this short story "The Scarlet Ibis,  James Hurst presents a theme centered on shame. This story is narrated through the eyes of a self-centered brother. He has a younger, handicapped brother, Doodle. When Doodle was born nobody expected him to live more than a couple weeks. Throughout the story, Brother clearly conveys feelings of shame and dislike toward his handicapped brother. In reading this short story, it is apparent that Brother is unworthy of a younger brother, unable to put his brother's interests first and that he feels ashamed and embarrassed by Doodle.

Brother's unworthiness for his younger brother is apparent when they are caught in a rainstorm. One afternoon Doodle and his brother became trapped in an intense storm. Because of Doodle's failure, the narrator decides to run off and keep Doodle stranded in the cold rain. When he ca

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