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Wright Brothers

            The Wright Brothers Greatest Invention.
             The Wright Brothers were great inventors, businessmen, and inspirationist led to an easier way of life and transportation. The Wright Brothers invention of the motorized plane gave the world a new and faster way of transportation and a new way of life for the future.
             The Wright Brothers real names are Wilbur and Orville Wright. They were born in the late 1800's. As they grew up they were highly interested in mechanics and the idea of flight. In 1893 when bicycling became popular the brothers opened their own bicycle shop doing repairs. Which they eventually started building bicycles. Orville also owned his own printing business, which he opened years earlier. .
             Since they were so interested in flight and they owned their own business and were making enough money that they did not have to worry about much they started experimenting with box kites. They followed the ideas of Otto Lilienttal in Germany and Octave Chanute in the United States. They started by building gliders that looked like large box kites with wings called Flyer I. They wanted to fly it but they knew they would need a strong wind, so the asked the United States Weather Bureau. They advised them to go to Kitty Hawk North Carolina. In 1900 they took the glider to Kitty Hawk to try to fly it. But near by was a hill called Kill Devil Hill. They took the glider over there to test fly it. They ran several test flights but they felt like they did not have complete control over the glider. So the went back to their home in Dayton Ohio.
             They began to build a second glider called Flyer II. This glider was clumsy and disappointing to them. They realized they still had a lot to learn about building flying machines. They went back home they built a wind tunnel. In these tunnels they tested miniature winds of different sizes and shapes. Finally they figured out how big and how to curve the wings.
             They built a third glider called Flyer III after they had figured out all the right measurements of everything on the glider, from all the testing they did in the wind tunnel.

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