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Aviation and the Wright Brothers

            The Wright brothers born just four years apart, were extremely talented and two great figures in American history, having created the airplane. It was their upbringing during their childhood which instilled "core values" greatly influencing their "attitudes and actions" later in life (The Wright Brothers). "The importance of family was central to the Wright brothers' lives and a powerful influence in everything they did" (The Wright Brothers). The eldest brother, Wilbur, was born in 1867. He appeared to be the more dominant sibling of the family, although quiet, he was sociable if the circumstance presented itself. Wilbur found his motivation through academics. He did exceptionally well in school and was very athletic. Due to an unfortunate ice hockey accident, Wilbur's future unexpectedly changed. Suffering from ongoing health complications, Wilbur became depressed and secluded himself from everyone. The young boy he was known for quickly faded.
             His youngest brother, Orville, was born in 1871. Much more than his brother Wilbur, Orville, fit the "stereotype of a budding inventor" (The Wright Brothers). Early on, he showed interests in science and technology. Orville liked dissembling objects to see how they worked, always coming up with new inventions. He was just as intelligent as his brother but because of his energy and curiosity, Orville did not take his academics as seriously. He was also terribly shy, quite the opposite from his brother. .
             The Wright brothers never completed high school but they still had a high commitment to learning. They both did a tremendous amount of private studying allowing them to have an "education comparable to a modern four-year college" (The Wright Brothers). Wilbur and Orville relied on "each other's strengths and compensated from each other's weaknesses" (The Wright Brothers). Their individual talents, skills and personality traits complemented one another.

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