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The Wright Brothers

            North Carolina is known for its clean beaches and beautiful weather, which makes it a prefect vacationing spot for people all over the country. Although the clean beaches and beautiful weather are extremely relaxing, North Carolina also has many historical sites that make for a great time while enjoying the beaches and the weather. Kitty Hawk is located on the Outer Banks, the eastern most region of North Carolina, and this is where history was made. This was the location where the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, successfully flew the first heaver-then-air self-propelled airplane. With there hard work and dedication the Wright brother revolutionized the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy by building and designing some of the first prototype airplanes that were later used in both World War I and II.
             Wilbur and Orville were brothers that were fascinated with anything that could fly. Wilbur was the older of the two and was born on a small farm near Millville, Indiana April 16, 1867, and Orville was born four years later on August 19, 1871. Their father, Milton Wright, was the local minister, and there mother was Susan Catherine Koerner Wright. When Wilbur and Orville were young boys they received a gift from there father, a small helicopter, this toy helicopter is what first interested the brothers in flying. While they were young they were so interested in flying that they watched birds and built kites that they flew around. While the brothers were still in high school, Orville built his own printing press which later became the press that both Wilbur and Orville used to print a weekly newspaper, although neither of the brothers went on to college. In 1892 the Wright brothers opened up their own bicycle shop, where they built and fixed bikes for the public. This bicycle shop later became the place where they built and worked on the gliders and airplanes. .
             In 1899, both Wilbur and Orville Wright decided to dedicate there lives to the study of flying.

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