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Baby Sitting

            Racquel’s Human Development Speech .
             Baby sitting is a very important job. Children of all ages will need to be babysat including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and teenagers. I feel that preschoolers. I feel that preschoolers are the toughest age group to take care of. So today I’ll be talking to you about babysitting preschool age children. I have learned through experience that there are three main factors in caring for preschool age children:.
             1.) Keeping them entertained,.
             2.) Feeding them, and.
             3.) Keeping them clean.
             Some children are very hard to keep entertained. Others aren’t. I have found through encounters with preschoolers between the ages of 3-6 that they can be entertained easily if you have something for them to do that they like. All preschoolers like to color. Coloring is a very simple and easy task that will not cause confusion among children if you are sitting more then one child. Therefore suggest that every babysitter so carry a coloring book or two and a pack of coloring crayons. Another way to entertain children is by playing games together. Games like Candy Landâ„¢, Monopolyâ„¢, and Lifeâ„¢ are a couple of games that the sitter and children can enjoy together. Games like Basketball and Tee-Ball are also wonderful pastimes when you are babysitting. Riding bikes, skateboards, and scooters are also ways to entertain children. Just make sure that you take all the safety precautions necessary such as helmets and knee and elbow pads when needed. Another way to entertain children is through music. All children of all ages enjoy music. There are tapes and CDs that you can buy that will be appropriate or children to listen to. The one thing that all children are interested in is television. There are a LOT of children networks on television like Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS. These channels contain programs that all preschoolers and some teenagers will enjoy.