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Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies

            Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized by mental developmental delays and low muscle tone. In some cases, the child may have physical delays and heart conditions due to the low tone muscle. This disorder is associated with the presence of chromosome 21. The statistics show that women at age 35 or older have a higher risk of having babies with Down syndrome. However, I personally know many young women that had their babies with Down syndrome at younger ages. Down syndrome can be diagnosed at early pregnancy, usually ten weeks by blood test, or later with a test called Amniocentesis. Besides the fact that this procedure is not always 100 percent accurate, it can also cause a miscarriage. In the United States, when the test result is positive, parents are usually recommended to stop the pregnancy. However, parents are not well informed that the test is not accurate, as they should be, and in many cases a lot of babies are aborted without having Down syndrome. In my neighborhood, I know three different families that did the Amniocentesis test, and they were positive for Down syndrome. Fortunately, this families didn't decide for the abortion, and their children were born without any condition. In my opinion, life should always be preserved, and parents shouldn't opt for abortion just because their baby have Down syndrome.
             First, for those who really want to start a family, there is no difference of a Down syndrome baby and a typical baby. They are both just babies! A Down syndrome baby will grow in his mom's womb just like any other baby would, and the connection between the mother and the child is instantly. The mom will feel all the movements and will have all regular symptoms of pregnancy. At birth, this child will cry when he or she sees light, he will nurse, and he will stare at mom's eyes as she becomes for him the most important person in the world.

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