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             Should abortion be legal or illegal? Abortion goes against many .
             human rights and if you are a religious person then the Bible backs .
             up views on abortion because the commandment says " Thou shall .
             not murder." I believe abortion should be illegal for the simple .
             reason that if you can lay in the bed with someone without .
             protection then its your fault you got pregnant. Now there is .
             another case such as rape, that most people feel abortion should be .
             legal when it happens. There are other ways to get by without having .
             to care for the baby. There are adoption centers that after you have .
             the baby they will take it and care for it and eventually find a .
             reliable person to become its parent. .
             There are many controversal subjects about abortion. .
             Personally if you have an abortion you are defined as a criminal and .
             that is a federal offense. People have many different reaons for .
             abortion but most have other alternatives than taking its life. When .
             abortion is involved that takes away another human beings life and .
             just plain out wrong. Abortion does not need to exist unless .
             however it is a life threatening situation, Which would be, if the .
             mother will not make it through the delievery. The only way I agree .
             with that is if the mother was planning on having the baby in the .
             first place.
             Some people think abortion should be legal because it is the .
             womans right whether or not have the birth. All the state abortion .
             laws that regulated abortion during the first six months of .
             pregnancy, except for the purpose of protecting maternal health .
             during the second trimester were invalidated. The main focus of this .
             Supreme Court litigation is the conflict between various states that .
             want to make laws either protecting women or the unborn, and .
             abortion rights advocates who want as little government restraint .
             upon the abortion option as possible. "Whether or not abortion .
             should be legal turns on the answer to the question of whether and .

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