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Babies Having Babies

             When we think of social problems in the United States, one might think of the increasing homeless population, the rising amount of drugs being sold on the street, or the wide variety of crimes committed not only by adults but by children. One of the greatest problems however, is the number of teens having children in America. Each year approximately one million teens become pregnant (Miller 3). These teens are left alone to survive with their child. Teens are having babies everyday, not because they want to and not because they are trying to disappoint their loved ones, but because they lack the education needed in order for them to make wise decisions for themselves and for others. The major reasons teens become pregnant are: the lack of education in public schools and in the homes, the miscommunication between parents and children, peer pressure, lack of self-esteem, and the misunderstanding of birth control and the proper way to use it.
             Teenage pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly. It affects most of our young society and has a great impact on our older society. For many young people, sex education has come from a partner or friend, not from a class. So why are public schools so afraid to mention the little three letter word that is a major cause for a lot of problems for teens? Part of the answer is that the mere mention of "sex education" would offend too many parents, and partly, because the teachers are not qualified to teach it.
             Sex education should not just be a course about the different body parts and functions, or the differences of the male and female anatomy. Proper sex education .
             Babies Having Babies.
             courses should prepare adolescents for adulthood and encourage them to make wise decisions (Teal A18). Schools should be boulder when teaching about sex education.

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