Counseling Psychology

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To be a successful counselor, I feel it is important not to show sympathy towards clients. I, as a counselor, would show them that I can emotional identify with their feelings. It is important to make my clients feel comfortable enough with me to express all that's troubling them. In order to do this; I must display good listening skills, warmth and patience. I am a great listener and analyzer. The client must feel that I am honest and trustworthy. I am great at encouraging and supporting people. I would remain open minded to all their assumptions about their world even if I disagree with their opinions. Even if I do not approve, I am able to see others point of view and accept it. I have great phenomenological understanding. I could respect client's sexual orientation, religious and spiritual belief's. I accept and value cultural diversity. These skills would be useful in building a good therapeutic relationship with future clients and becoming a successful counselor.

I feel it would be difficult for me to keep a social distance with my clients, in particular, clients I know well. I would be prone to self disclose personal information about myself to make them feel more comfortable confiding in me. I

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