A Walk to Remember

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Basically, the novel talked about how simple events in one's life could possibly change the person. The situations that the characters encountered had shown clearly the lesson that the author wanted to say to the readers. However, perfectly written as it may seem, some contextual flaws could still be drawn from the reader's perspective.

The main point of the story concentrates on the life-changing experience of Landon Carter, the main character, and how he evolved from a typical school no-good-doer to a mature and an exemplar individual. Miracles could happen, as explicitly stated in the book. In some instances, miracles could really happen, but in our world today, miracles are just the result of human actions.

Today, these things are almost impossible to happen in real life. The typical love-tragedy theme of the story is far from reality. In reality, it's very rare to see a person falling in love with someone because of how she, like Jamie Sullivan, had treated the other. Candidly speaking, love is no fairytale, it is but a dream. But the whole context of the story implied, obviously, that such fairytales could happen. Perhaps, the author had been careless to overlook

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