Deodorant Ads:An Analysis

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Shopping for deodorant in the grocery store can be a hassle, because of the different varieties that are available. There are deodorants for men, women, teens, and on top of that there is a huge variety of strengths to choose from. These can range from powder fresh to peachy peach. Because there are so many choices, advertisers have to come up with catchy images that appeal to human desires, in order to make their product sell. By analyzing the ads for the Adidas, Lightning Speed Stick, and Platinum Secret deodorants -- it can be seen how the ads make appeals to the human desires of total control, power, and confidence.

The ad for the Adidas deodorant features the silhouettes of three guys playing basketball under the blazing hot sun. Mysteriously their faces are not shown, nor the colors that they wear, they remain secret. There is just the image of them playing basketball. With the presence of the fading orange background, it seems as if these guys have been playing all day. The color scheme of the ad is very dull. Midway through the ad, on the right hand side, there is a picture of the three different Adidas antiperspirants that the buyer can choose from. These include dynamic, sport, and

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