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Diversity In The Classroom

            Teaching in diverse classrooms can be difficult. I think teachers need to understand that every student has their own background, beliefs, and customs. Therefore, each student learns differently because each student is an individual. Stereotypes should be stripped away so each student has an equal opportunity to succeed. When the teacher is more aware of each student and their personality then the curriculum and lessons can be made to meet the needs of all the students. The classroom can be run more efficiently.
             Once teachers are educated on the subject of diversity and stereotypes they can better teach their students the topic. Since children are more impressionable during youth it is better to teach them right from wrong early, to hopefully counteract what their parents or peers may eventually teach them. Students can work together better when they understand each other. .
             It is good to get students, especially at a young age, involved in diversity. This can be accomplished by involving students in activities and lesson plans that teach students about cultures around the world. Each day the teacher could start off a class with a talk about a country or nationality. Then follow that up with a recap by asking the students questions about the main topics. In conclusion, diversity is a positive aspect of education when the teacher and student are knowledgeable in the subject.