Is Money As Only Motivator?

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Motivation is the internal psychological process of initiating, energizing, directing and maintaining goal-directed behaviour (Buchanan & Huczynski, 1997). Modern society may possibly stimulate a typical employee as money desirer. Many people believe that more income will motivate employees to be more competitive. Certainly, we should not ignore financial incentives as people do need them to fulfil their needs.

In academic aspect, personal motivation is setting on psychology, which reflects people ¡ ¯s desire. So what are the factors that can make them satisfied? Money is just the aspect that can indicate individuals ¡ ¯ actual needs in modern society more correctly. However, effective motivation is considered as a perennial organisational problem. Following the shifting of economic conditions and social values, people ¡ ¯s desire is dramatically changing. As a response, management should look at people ¡ ¯s real needs into more depth and to identify the real motivating elements.

Therefore, this essay will argue that apart from financial incentive, employee is motivated by other factors as well. This point of view will be supported by the analyses of the following aspects: organisational structure,

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