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Creating and Designing Motivating Jobs

             This paper explores four theories of motivation and how they relate to Picerne Military Housing. Keeping employees motivated is important for every organization, including Picerne Military Housing, because motivated employees are the key to maintaining a productive and successful business. Therefore, managers must find ways to motivate employees and make them want to live up to their full potential. To do this effectively, managers need to understand what motivates employees within the context of their respective roles. Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer. Constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance. However, researchers of organizational behavior have been studying motivation within the workforce for decades, and several motivational theories have been popularized. This paper will examine the four theories and discuss them in detail in relation to Picerne Military Housing day to day operations of management. The four theories covered in this report are the Goal Setting Theory of Motivation, the Expectancy Theory of Motivation, the Equity Motivation Theory, and McClelland's Theory of Needs. .
             Each theory is explained and analyzed to show what Picerne Military Housing does well and where the company can improve. Overall, Picerne does well at incorporating each theory to help inspire, motivate, and help their employees succeed but there is always room for improvement,.
             Keywords: understand; overshadow; inspire; motivate; help.
             Diverse Motivation Techniques utilized by Picerne Military Housing for.
             Creating and Designing Motivating Jobs.
             Johnson's studies (2010) suggest that the Goal Setting Theory of Motivation states there is an inseparable link between goal setting and task performance. Specific, measurable, and attainable goals motivate an employee to achieve the goal while lousy, vague targets suck off enthusiasm.

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