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            From the dawn of time when man first walked this earth, music has been apart of our lives spiritually and emotionally. From the earliest forms of tempo, rhythm, and lyrics spring forth the synthesized mass we know today. Praise should be given to the first of the Neanderthals who brought stick to stone to ultimately create man’s missing link of creativity, ensuring music’s steadfast survival of the ages.
             What is music really? No one could give you a perfectly straight answer; it can mean a multitude of different things to different peoples and cultures. To some music is a celebration, to others, peace and good will. Simply put, Music still defies the dictionary treatment.
             Unbelievably this timeless wonder we have somehow created has the power to entertain the tiny infant, to rouse the teenage masses and even put the pep back into the youth of yesteryear.
             Enough with the Oxford introduction.
             Music has influenced my life from my early days, where I could be observed thoroughly enjoying myself as I dance as an infant to the euro-trash the 70 and 80’s had to offer, from Elvis to the Beatles, from Woodstock to .
             Wembley, those were the first inklings of song I can remember from that age.
             As life progressed, so to did my expectations of what I was listening to. The 90’s were a blur of light and colour as the video age dawned and names such as Madonna, Jackson and the like took charge. And so the arrival of the new millennium ensued.
             Music thankfully had realized its potential, and took a sharp turn in creativity’s general direction, exposing underground and side stream genres such as RnB and Hip-Hop to the limelight. This was about the time I began to choose music selectively, but I was on a different track.
             Of course, natural rebellion had kicked in, and so I took the punk rock route, thankfully it didn’t last long, as the tired lyrics were all too much to bear.