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Media Influence On Culture

            The many changes in modern media are affecting our American society. Media, entertainment, and advertising influence the way that people think and feel. As technology advances and media sources increase, advertisement is affecting our modern culture more than ever. Nowadays, media is considered to be a window for learning and also the window to the world. It has evolved from simple text in papers, to voices on a radio, to voices and pictures in television and movies to the broad, information packed internet. Today’s society lives in a media rich environment. .
             Media is a large part of people’s lives in the United States. The media’s growing influence is shaping the values and attitudes of young children. Excessive exposure to media can also promote anti-social behavior, sedentary lifestyles, materialistic values and short attention spans (Githins 1). Entertainment and media usage has become an isolating experience in today’s modern families, especially in the daily lives of children. Before we had great advances in technology, children would read, play with educational toys and non electric games, play sports and do household chores (Githins 1). But now for entertainment they watch television, listen to music, play video games, use the computer and also eat. The changes in technology have led to changes in how our society is entertained. It’s not only children who are spending their lives this way, according to .
             MTV Networks’ research, adults are spending even more time with media than children do. The amount of media being consumed by our society is increasing. In a typical American home there are at least three television sets, two VCR’s, three radios, three cassette players, two CD players, a video game player, and a computer all spread throughout the house. Media and entertainment are everywhere in today’s modern culture; there is no way to escape it.