Leadership Development Plan

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Strength's that I posses are very important when in becoming a great leader. The strength's that I posses are good listening skills, persuasion, determination, compassion, honesty, and respect. I feel that in order to be a leader, listening is just as important as talking. When people take the time to listen they may learn new information that they never knew before. What I do, is instead of missing out on something I like to take in all the information that I can and then combine it with my own so that I can produce a much clearer image when I speak. My second strength persuasion, is a key role in being a leader to me. If subordinates have a different idea then their leader does, persuasion has to be executed in order for the group to accomplish the task on hand. Determination, which is my strongest strength, helps motivate me to succeed and be good at what I do. It helps me to complete my task without any hesitation. When there is something that I want to accomplish my determination makes me work as hard as I can in order to be successful. My fourth strength, compassion helps me creates a comfortable atmosphere letting the people around me know that I care and that if there is anything wrong

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