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             Quality is a concept that is hard to grasp. It can be easily defined when in relation to an object, but when it is about quality in life it becomes difficult to have a clear-cut definition of quality. As pirsig says in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, “ Quality is not a thing. It is an event.” (215) Therefore, quality is not a matter of te objective or the subjective, but is about the relationship between the two.
             It is not possible to measure quality in life in an objective manner. The main reason for this is because objectivity is a matter of preference or taste. If it was quality of an object then it would be easy to measure it objectively through tests and surveys. On the contrary, to measure quality in life is impossible because it depends on opinions which will forever be different. On the contrary, if this was possible then that would mean that everyone has the same preference and everyone would have to agree on what quality is. But since this is not possible in the real world, there is no way to measure quality objectively in life. .
             On the other hand, quality cannot be measured subjectively either. This is because it is hard to determine which opinion is better or valid. Some opinions will always be better than others because they are made by people who are qualified on the subject. This ability can depend on various factors such as age or experience. No opinion is equal to another and due to this, one cannot determine quality subjectively either. Therefore, instead of defining it, it is necessary to come up with a solution which takes both objective and subjective and uses it to come up with a criteria for different activities. .
             A criteria is the best solution to solving the problem of defining quality in life. The main factor for a life of quality is happiness. Without happiness, life has no meaning. If one cannot be happy about themselves and their life then there life has no quality.