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Sample Of A Resme For Education

I am seeking an office job including various tasks, computer, typing, light

bookkeeping, phones, and filing that has a starting salary of at least $22,000 per year

.I am a self starter and a perfectionist who can work on my own or with others. One

of my strong points is to produce above and beyond what everyone else does and

present my work in a different and distinct manner. I shall be persistent until the work

My duties include preparing and teaching classes for library and computer for the

entire school (Pre-K-8th Grade), substitute teach for the junior high classes, provide

a community service for the Veteran of Foreign War in which cards are made to be

brought to St. Albans Hospital every holiday, changing and displaying children's work

on hallway bulletin boards each month, ordering textbooks, library books and

computer software for the school, work the afterschool program 2 days a week, I am

a certified counselor and work with the junior high students discussing in a

confidential manner any problems they might be having in school or at home,

coordinate and run a jacket sale and book fair which provides funds for the school.

I am currently employed at the school for the past 13 years.

United States Corporation Company, Executive Secretary to one of the Vice

My duties included taking dictation (speed writing), typing letters, billing companies for

stock certificates and mailings, filing, and researching information for customers and

other stockbrokers. Worked here for 7 years. Company closed continued working at

home for them until company closed completely.

19xx-19xx St. Michael's High School Graduated 1970

19xx-19xx Brooklyn College 21/2 years credits towards Educatio

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