Synopsis Of Mythos Of Spring

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Northrop Frye's Formula for Comedy

In his essay, "The Mythos of Spring: Comedy," Northrop Frye describes his formula for constructing a comedy. He says that most plot structures in comedies are based on the same specific formula. The storyline usually revolves around a boy-wants-girl scenario where there is some sort of blocking character, like a father or superior figure, that stands in their way. In the end, however, the guy always gets the girl. In the beginning of a comedy the blocking characters have power and are in charge of society. At the end of a comedy, the events that bring the boy and girl together form a new society.

In keeping with this formula, many comedies involve a party or wedding. Pairing off of other characters happens as well. A modern example of this occurs at the end of the movie Clueless, when the pairing of Cher and Josh, and Ty and Travis coincides with the marriage of the two teachers. Resolutions at the end of a comedy come from the audience, from their understanding and involvement in finding a happy ending. As the hero overcomes the various obstacles with which he is presented, the

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