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             Almost everyone has acne at one time or another. Acne is a skin condition that can cause pimples such as, white heads and black heads to appear on primarily the face. They also do appear on the chest, back, neck, and shoulders. Most teenagers have acne for about five years or so. It is still not uncommon for others it clears up much faster. Not only teenagers get acne, but women that did not experience acne before, can also get it in there twenties and thirties. All of us are affected by acne at one point in time or another, and some less than others, but all of us experience it and just have to deal with it because the best remedy for getting rid of acne is time.
             Acne begins in the upper part of the hair follicle, where sebaceous glands discharge sebum, an oily substance that keeps skin from drying out. During your teenage years the sebaceous glands enlarge. If pores near these glands become clogged with dead skin cells or oily make-ups ect. The sebum accumulates underneath, causing it to inflame the surrounding skin.
             The acne is further agitated when bacterial breaks down the sebum into irritating substances that add to the inflammation and swelling. If several follicles in the same area become inflamed, scarring can also be of an occurrence.
             As said before the best way to get rid of acne is time, and just letting acne go away on its own is the best. People with bad cases of acne may use antibiotics [you can ask your doctor] given orally over long periods of time. Other ways that have been found that work are using retinoic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Most experts say that greasy or oily cosmetics should not be used, and that water-based cosmetics should be used instead, If any must be used at all.
             The best way to stay clear of them is to clean your skin is by washing it plain soap and water. Use a washcloth, and work the soap into your skin gently for a minute or two, then rinse it very well.