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The Long Term Effects Of Cloning

             Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that cloning has serious long term effects on agriculture and the natural environment.
             Thesis: Human cloning should be continuously banned, and strict enforcement of the guidelines regarding all cloning should continue.
             I. In order to decide weather or not cloning should be allowed, one must first understand the methods by which cloning takes place.
             A. In order to clone, a cell from an adult mammal is used to grow another, genetically identical clone. The nucleus of the removed cell is removed, and transferred into an egg from which the DNA has been removed. It is then cultured, and implanted as an embryo into the womb of a surrogate mother. It is then a clone without a biological father. .
             B. An alternative method is to immerse eggs in spermatozoa before bokanovskification makes the resulting embryos into hundreds of identical cloned Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. .
             C. The cells, before being implanted, are capable of creating all the different tissues of an adult organism as they divide. .
             II. Today, I will discuss with you the cons and pros of cloning, and the consequences that could greatly surpass the advantages. In order to do this, I will discuss:.
             A. The benefits to cloning.
             B. The disadvantages of cloning.
             C. The possible long term, negative possibilities of cloning.
             D. Alternatives to reasons for cloning.
             Transition: .
             I. In order to understand the importance of cloning, one should consider the benefits that many are suggesting as the reasons we should clone. .
             A. There are many benefits to cloning.
             1. Cloning represents the only hope of having a child carrying their genes for some couples.
             2. Cloned stem cells may be more competent at replacing tissue damaged by disease or age than those from other sources.
             a. This is also known as therapeutic cloning. What occurs in this situation is adult cells are taken from a person’s body, cloned embryos are created, then embryonic stem cells are extracted, which can turn into a wide range of tissues, all a perfect mach for any patient.