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Is Power The Most Important Concept In Political Studies?

            As an offensive realist my position is that states are the most important actors in International System and have pre-eminent goal of survival and achieving a hegemonic position in the international system. In this essay I will look why concept of power is from such great importance for political actors. By doing that I will especially focus at the connection of states and power to explain why is power the most important concept in political studies. International system consists of many states and therefore the concept of power is relevant and important since there is no central authority to enforce rules and norms of behaving. Since International system consists of many actors, from which the most important is state, power is excersied in relation to another unity,state. In order to survive in international system each state must posses certain amount power. Therefore I will argue, and my thesis will be that power unquestionably is the most important concept in political studies. I will back up my thesis with several arguments and state some examples from which it can be seen why concept power is from such great importance.
             “Power is an operative concept, in that it represents people’s ability to do or act in a manner they would like. .
             Political actor first needs to posses capabilities, that possession will result in influence which will in the end result as a power, ability to influence someone else to act .
             in the way that we want and that serves our interests. Political actors that are powerful are in position to influence other political actors. The more power they have, they have more chances that they will survive, either domestically or internationally, and that they will not be replaced by some other political actors.
             From the very beginning of the creation of state power came up as a crucial factor. Hobbes argues that we trade our liberty in return for guarantee of security, and once security has been established civil society can begin.