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The Truth About Black Men, Gays And Homophobia

            The truth about black men, gays, and homophobia .
             There’s nothing easy about being black, but the struggle for a positive African .
             American Identity is filled with support for fighting it. However, when that same African .
             American Male is Gay there is no support team. With the African American struggle you .
             have your families and community support. But when it comes to being a homosexual .
             male its not even considered a “Black Thang”, but more like a European American .
             Infection that is destroying the African American community. African American males .
             have be brought up to have a love for their families and strength in their community and .
             the source of history which to build a foundation on. However, the fear of losing their .
             family and facing the wrath of the community has forced most African American gay men to stair directly toward the closet. While African American Men are allowed to express openly the beauty of the black experience, Insight gained from being gay is shared only when it is safe. Black publications proudly announce their arrival while gay publications arrive in hidden plan manila envelopes. .
             Most African American men could not think of any reason to become .
             White but with the lack of support many African American gay men are left with dozens of reasoned to be straight. When an African American Man is hurt as a “black Man” there is instant support but when that same “black man” is hurt because he is gay he is .
             left to lick his wounds until there is a safe place to hide. It is hard enough for an African America man to be looked on by the educated world as multi-dimensional and not a flat stereotype, why then add the burden.
             If you are honored as being an educated African American male there is still that fear that people will maintain the perception that gay people are some how evil or inferior. African American men and gays are more exposed to influence by definition that come from the majority, then by internal group definition.