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Old People

             I once heard a person say that "old" people have no place in today's technologically advance society. I actually bought into this frivolous concept; that was before I spent some time at a convalescent home. When I was a junior in high school my counselor advised me to involve myself in community service work to enhance my prep years and because it would look good on my college applications. I must admit, at first, I was dreadful of the fact that I had to give up my Saturday afternoons with a bunch of "old" people. Though I was indifferent towards their situations in the beginning, I learned in a very captivating way that these so called "old" people were full of wisdom, knowledge and unparallel experiences. All my high school experiences and mini-dramas paled in comparison to what these folks had witnessed and gone through. One would have to be foolish and naive to actually believe that old people have no place in today's world. If anything we need more elderly people to guide and lead our jaded youth.
             Through many different elderly people I was able to see how important they really are. They are full of so much compassion and love. Even though you would find a grumpy one here and there, most of the people at these convalescent homes are simply fascinating human beings. One of the guys even helped me with my physics homework. Just listening to their stories and being around them made me a better person intellectually and emotionally. Spending time at the convalescent home, I was able to see things through a clearer light. So, to that person that once told me that "old" people do not belong in this world, I must say he was terribly mistaken. .

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