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The Important Things in Life

             In the essay "Stop the Clock", Amy Wu's generation had all the technological. Everything was on hand and they could do anything by modern technique. In the end, the author realizes that they may lose more than they had gained by saving time. She argues that her generation is "forgetting the important things in life" because they are obsessed with saving time. I agree with her. When we try to save time, we will forget other important things in life. In the modern life, we have to spend time for studying, working, or doing other things. Although saving time is necessary, people seem to use less time to take care of their family, they lack of time for understanding other people, and they have a rush life.
             First, saving time can lead people to have less time taking care of their family. Nowadays, our life requires each person to have a job, so people have to save time to work. Women engage in working and other activities in the society, so they do not have much time to do their chores. When working, everyone tries to complete his or her work with all his or her ability. Hence some people try to save time; therefore, after a tired working time, women don't want to cook anymore. Many families have to eat canned food and frozen food everyday while they wish to eat fresh food. For instance, in the reading, Amy Wu is a person who respects to save time, but when she spent time for making a meal, and a chocolate cake for her family, she felt so proud. Also the author realized her aunt how happy and proud whenever her aunt baked cake or made salad with tomatoes and cucumbers for her family. Because of saving time for working, parents can't take care of their children carefully. Their study habit is worse because they spend time for watching TV, playing game, or using Internet, instead of studying and doing their homework. Thus, we need to spend time for taking care of our family. .
             Second, by saving time, we may lack of time to understand people around us.

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