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Important People in my life

             There are many important people in my life. These People give me inspiration; respect, help, and they keep me on the right track. These people mean the most to me. These people are my mother, my father, and my faithful older brother. .
             My mother is one very important person to me. She gives me the hope to go through life and make a difference. She has a great job which makes me want to overcome her greatness, and be extremely successful in my later life. My mother feeds, clothes, and puts the roof over my head. By doing my laundry every week she keeps me in the cleanest of clothes so that I don't look like a complete slob. By paying our house payments, the gas, the electric bills I can come home every night knowing that I have a roof over my head. She feeds me so that I can grow up and be big and strong. She tells me about things that I may face later on in life so I won't grow up young and unknowing. Most importantly to me she respects my privacy. She does it by never reading my mail; she does it by leaving my friends and me alone. I love my mom and the things she does for me all the time. .
             My dad is yet another important person in my life. He, just like my mom, gives me privacy and the respect that I deserve. My dad gives me privacy by respecting my space, letting me talk on the phone to my friends, and by giving me the privilege of my friends staying the night. He respects me by never using filthy language at me, and by knowing what my wants and needs are. Last but not leas he takes me golfing. By teaching me to golf I may become a great female golfer like Anika Sorenstam. This might give me a chance to do something more. .
             My brother might just be the most important person to me. My brother protects me from big over-sized bullies. He is willing to fight and he is willing to hurt for me. My brother helps me with my homework. He will explain a difficult math problem or maybe help me study for an English test.

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