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Solar Energy

            20 years ago, solar cells were created, and occasionally used to create electricity. These solar cells are made of photovoltaic (comes from the Greek word photo: which means light, and voltaic: which means electricity). The photovoltaic cells are made of a semi-conductor (such as silicon). The cells use the suns energy and directly transform them into electrical energy. This works by absorbing the light, and giving the energy (heat) directly to the electrons, thus allowing them to move. If a metal conductor is put at the bottom of the photovoltaic cell, we can force the movement of the electrons, therefore creating a current. .
             Solar power is very efficient because it is very cost effective. It only needs one thing to operate, sun, no mined objects are needed. This means that it won't have to burn fossil fuels, or create toxic waste, which is great for the environment and our own health. If everyone were to put solar panels on they're roof, there wouldn't be too many power lines, which can reduce the cost by 10's of thousands. The only problem with solar power is that it can only work under certain circumstances. They can only work during the day time, and are only efficient on clear sunny days.
             • In the end, its cost efficient.
             • Creates absolutely no pollution at all.
             • Solar panels can last as long as 20 years.
             • Not/little power lines needed, more independent.
             • No fossil fuels or elements needed to be mined.
             • Create tons of health-safe jobs (Installers, technicians, retail, ect ).
             • Renewable.
             • Solar panels and solar stations themselves are quiet expensive.
             • Can only be used at daytime.
             • Only efficient when it's a clear sunny day.

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