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Verbal Agression In The Workplace

             To understand what can be done to stop verbal aggression or violence in the workplace, you first have to understand a few things-like the fact that it might not be a co-worker or a boss, it could be a customer, patient, UPS man, postal worker or a number of any other people you are coming in contact with you at your workplace.
             Now think about that, all those different people, all with different lives and upbringings. I think that's a pretty scary thought. So that means you need to be prepared for something like this to happen. I don't mean being so paranoid someone is going to say or do something to you, just be aware. The US Dept of Labor sites there was 674 workplace homicides in 2000, accounting for 11% of the 5,915 fatal workplace injuries.
             There are a few things that you can and should do if you came across some sort of aggression in the workplace. According to Suite101.com, most companies should have a zero tolerance statement regarding workplace violence. I know that in my own personal workplace situation, working for the federal government, they have a very aggressive policy intact regarding workplace violence. As an employee, that makes me feel a little safer.
             Also, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) sites that you need to learn how to recognize, avoid or diffuse violent situations. You should also alert your supervisor to anything that could be aggressive or violent. Companies should also set up some sort of training to help people understand why and how workplace violence happens.
             As you can see, there isn't a whole lot that can be done to stop workplace violence, because if a person is pre-dispositional to being violent or verbally aggressive, eventually something is going to happen. You just have to try and avoid any conflict with that person. Also, according to Monster.com here are some warning signs to look for: .

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