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            "In a process of natural selection, weaker individuals were weeded out and it enables the strongest to survive." This is a quote explaining Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest). Imperialism is a perfect example of Social Darwinism. Nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories. Imperialism is a necessity in order to achieve the accomplishment of being the most respected country. Imperialism should not be debated on the issue of morals, what should be debated is whether it is necessary or not. The answer is yes, it is necessary. .
             All other major powers throughout the world continued to expand. If the United States did not follow others, they would become the weaker power and eventually they would be taken over. If others were to improve, you need to improve as well, or else you will be weeded out due to Social Darwinism. Throughout the world, only the strongest countries would survive. It was survival of the fittest. In order to become the fittest, a country needs to become imperial.
             Imperialism allowed for new strategic military American locations, such as Hawaii. These locations help ensure the safety of Americans as they live in the strongest nation in the world. The annexation of Hawaii strongly helped America because of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. This gave the United States a warning of war. If we did not set up Pearl Harbor, then there is a chance our country could have been bombed, causing a great loss in security(military powers), lives, and in the economy. Pearl Harbor is just one example that shows how much different the United States might have been today if it were not for imperialism.
             The United States needed to expand, especially with all the newly acquired technology. It enabled American farms and factories to produce more than citizens can consume. America needed new markets and raw materials for its manufactured goods.

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