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            The dictionary defines imperialism as the policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political domination over other nations and the system, policies, or practices of such a government. Theoretically, that is correct. However, Webster forgot to mention the poverty, destitute, and other accompaniments that go alone with the destruction of another country's society. .
             Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, imperialism has been the most hatefully debated subject. The main dispute is over the choice whether the United States should branch out its leadership worldwide, or succumb to the decisions of such international organizations as the United Nations. The proposal of imperialism came about first, during the annexation of Hawaii. While it was be advantageous and economically sound for American to consider incorporation of Hawaii into their territory, no one contemplated the people already living there. How would they feel about a foreign power coming in and changing everything? Making them feel like prisoners in their own land? John L. Stevens didn't care about the Hawaiians or their feelings. He simply wanted to expand the United State's economy to the Pacific by gaining the profitable sugarcane and other plantations Hawaii had to offer. Steven's and his supporters claimed that they wanted to help the Hawaiians out of poverty and protect them from foreign attacks. If we just wanted to help the Canadians, we could have established a protectorate in which the United States would defend Hawaii in return for advice on how to govern their country. Although Grover Cleveland refused to annex Hawaii, eventually McKinley made it a territory. And in 1959, Eisenhower made Hawaii the 50th state.
             Another instance where imperialism was condemned was during the Spanish-American war. The United States gained the Philippines through the Treaty of Paris in 1898.

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