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             Imperialism changed everything in the past. When the Europeans used imperialism in Africa and Asia, they changed the people's lives. Their social life was corrupted, their political life was damaged, but their economic life turned out good. .
             The lands colonized by the Europeans had their social life changed greatly. As soon as they took over they changed the people's religion. For example, Africa's religion was changed so it could be the same as the Europeans. Most of Africa today is full of white people. Also, the Europeans changed the Indonesian's social class system. The Dutch made themselves on top. Next were the wealthy and educated Indonesians. Last came the plantation workers. These changes made the people's social life different in a way that doesn't fit them.
             The land's political life altered as soon as imperialism occurred. Geopolitics changed the fate of the colonized lands. The Ottoman Empire was looked at by all powers of the world. Its location was favored by all of them. Russia wanted passage across the Black Sea so they waged war against the Ottoman Empire to take it over. The European's nationalism was a motive to take control of any land they wanted. They wanted to show that they were the best and they can do whatever they want to do. The colonized lands tried to fight the Europeans away but they were taken over.
             Their economic life turned out good when they were struck with imperialism. Persia lacked the capital to develop its own resources. To raise money, the Persian ruler granted concessions to western businesses. The only downfall was the businesses bought the right to operate in a certain are or develop a certain product. India became economically valuable to the Europeans. Since the British needed raw materials for their industrialized factories, they turned to India. The British considered India as "the brightest jewel in the crown." There were some negatives but overall the colonized land's economic life turned out great.

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