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             "Children and their mothers crying out to each .
             other as they are being forced apart.
             deaths of the Jews, and Gypsies ranged from 1.5 .
             million to 9 million people (Aushwitz, pg.19). But .
             nothing can compare to what these people went .
             through.The bad hygiene problems, the human .
             experiments that were performed, and the deadly gas .
             chambers. .
             The people at Auschwitz had to deal with many .
             hygiene problems. They were only given small portions .
             of bread and thin soup. The only clothing these people .
             has were long stripes overcoats and comic berets for .
             their heads. In this they endured the cold winters, .
             of mall nutrition and hard labor. The rooms were they .
             slept had bunkbeds with three bunks. Most of the time .
             more two to three people had to sleep in the same bunk .
             without sheets or mattresses. They were never clean .
             and were susceptible to many diseases. Some diseases .
             came from the rotting bodies, that were not able to be .
             burned immediately. But they would never loose hope, .
             but what came next was more than they could bare.
             The human experiments conducted on the .
             prisoners were cruel and sick. One of the most famous .
             doctors, Josef Mengele, was fascinated with twin .
             experiments. He would draw blood from one twin .
             to another. He would also inject chemicals into .
             children's eyes, to see if they would change color. .
             The doctors would conduct surgeries without.
             anesthetics, and inject victims with diseases. One of .
             the experiments Dr. Mengele conducted included to .
             inject chloroform to kill the children and dissect .
             them, ripping each and every piece of the twins bodies .
             apart (Auschwitz.dk). As one twin recalls:.
             " Dr. Mengele had always been more interested .
             in Tibi. I am not sure why-perhapsbecause .
             he was the older twin. Mengele made .
             several operations on Tibi. One surgery on .
             his spine left my brother paralyzed. He .
             could not walk anymore. Then they took .
             out his sexual organs.

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