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            The name Auschwitz rings terror to the ears of so many. Its name was also associated with being called "The Gates of Hell". It was the largest out of all the death camps, and killed the most Jews than any other concentration camp. Auschwitz is actually situated in Poland, and it was located in the small town of Oswiecim. When Germany occupied Poland in 1939, Oswiecim was incorporated into Germany, and therefore renamed Auschwitz. The SS argued that jails and prison could not meet its needs because of increasing Polish resistance, so they decided to turn it into a concentration camp, but the real reason they established it was because of the mass arrests on the Poles. Auschwitz was therefore established in the 1940's before the"Final Solution of the Jewish Question", which was later brought out to kill all Jews.
             Never has there been such mass murder in the world as compared to World War II and the genocide of so many innocent people. If people would try to escape the camp, and they would be caught, the Germans would do horrendous things to them. Auschwitz was easier to escape than other concentration camps in Germany because it was not surrounded by Germans. Therefore, there were a lot of prisoner's and the Germans felt they had to stop it, so if they would catch an inmate escaping they would either shoot him, and hang his body at the camp gates or they would take the inmate and hang them at roll call so everyone else would be able to see. If an inmate would successfully escape then the Germans would take the inmate's roommates and punish them. The overall number of people that died was between 1,100,000 and 1,500,000. Some think that at least 1,100,000 Jews from all of Europe died at Auschwitz. This includes 140,000 Poles, 2,000 Jews, 10,000 Soviet prisoners, and about 10,000 others of other nationalities. .
             Auschwitz was actually a series of three camps. Auschwitz I was the first and oldest of the three, and was also the main camp.

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