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            When you think about World War II, one sharp image that comes to mind.
             Images of skeletal men and women with shaven heads in striped uniforms flash in your.
             head. You may also envision the numerous concentration camps run by the Nazi.
             Regime, the most famous being Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the largest of the Nazi.
             concentration and extermination camps ever built. I will inform you about the setup of.
             the camp and what took place there, how the life of the prisoners were and what.
             happened to them while they were held there.
             Auschwitz - Birkenau was located about two miles outside the town of Oswiecim,.
             Poland. The leader of the SS and German police, Heinrich Himmler, ordered its.
             construction, making it the largest of them all. The purpose of its creation was for the.
             extermination of a huge mass of people. In March 1941, construction was underway.
             Auschwitz became a complex that extended eight miles around, enclosed by an.
             electrical, barbed-wire fence. The perimeter was fully guarded by SS soldiers in.
             watchtowers which held machine guns and automatic rifles which were used to shoot.
             prisoners who made the slightest mistake. Not only equipped with electric fences and.
             towers, Auschwitz also contained a series of canals surrounding the perimeter. There.
             were 250 wooden and stone barracks used to hold an overflowing amount of prisoners,.
             overcrowding every shack. Leading into the camp were a series of train tracks which.
             transported these prisoners into the camp. They would probably end up in one of the five.
             different gas chambers located within Auschwitz.
             Auschwitz - Birkenau could hold up to 70,000 prisoners at a time. Mostly these.
             prisoners were Jewish, but there were also a good amount of Germans, Polish people, and.
             gypsies. The largest amount of prisoners in Auschwitz was in 1943 when there was.
             approximately 100,000 inmates. Then up and running strong, the Nazi's were bringing in.
             12,000 new arrivals a day.

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